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Manpower Recruitment

Strategy and planned approach

Working together with you, we analyze the situation and create a search plan for finding the right candidate. An essential factor to this procedure is a clear view of the client's work environment, culture, job position, required qualifications, and responsibilities for the same. When the profile is advanced, we apply our search plan, which includes target sectors, organizations, and level which help in finding the most suitable person for the job.

Candidate analysis and identification

We apply prior research for preparing an initial candidate file. Our Manpower Recruitment team contacts, evaluates and validates a short catalog of potential people through telephone round and interviews. We then prepare a confidential report of candidate evaluation and give it to the client for finalizing a suitable person. Once our client is all set to proceed ahead with the list, we help with managing the interviews and taking feedback.

RMG team consults with the clients to analyze the list of top candidates and complete the selection procedure. Our experts also help in the salary negotiations between the candidate and client. Even after a candidate is selected and the job position is filled in an organization, our team conducts constant follow-up with the employer and candidate to ensure the efficiency of the appointed HR executive.


RMG Consulting

We help companies with Diversity Targets.

Employers who believe in the power of Diversity and Inclusion.


Studies have shown, and our clients tell us, that a workplace with employees of differing ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and genders produces better results. Results that are more innovative and creative than a more homogenous workplace.  

Considering the challenges of sourcing, hiring, and building a diverse team of employees. It’s not easy.

We can help you find the solution through our Program - Welcome Back

Our program provides a systematic pathway to facilitate the reentry of women into the workforce. This increases gender diversity and often cultural diversity. The women in the WB program come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including IT, engineering, leadership, management, sales, finance, operations, marketing, HR, and administration, among other.We look forward to making a Difference to Organisational Diversity.

RMG Consulting


We offer services for the startups exclusively at Flexible costing model

  • Partner the Startups to Hire Entire team
  • Creating HR Infrastructure ranging from hiring the resources to consultancy for setting up various department